Friday, November 15, 2013

Rod Hunter

Rod Hunter by primetimemediagroup
Rod Hunter, a photo by primetimemediagroup on Flickr.
Rod Hunter was a #1 rated morning radio personality in Akron, Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, and San Diego. With that popularity came many local, regional, and national spokesman roles for TV: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Winnebago, Yamaha, NFL, HBO, and Showtime. The logical next step in his career was to take all the advertising experience gained over the years and bring it to businesses nationwide. PrimeTime Ad Corp was formed in 1982 with complete in-house audio and video production facilities. Rod was asked what is paramount for business success. I believe in the four C’s of advertising: CONSISTENCY. Advertise continuously. Never stop the flow. CONTINUITY. Some things in your ad must never change. COST EFFECTIVE DOMINATION. With today’s media pricing, it’s cost prohibitive to dominate the entire market, but with the proper planning and placement, you can own a segment of it. CREATIVITY. What’s creative works, what works is creative. The 4 C’s of advertising may seem very basic, but when used properly they can be deadly to the competition. It’s time to put a 43-year marketing veteran to work for you.