Friday, November 15, 2013

Tom Kihneman

Tom Kihneman by primetimemediagroup
Tom Kihneman, a photo by primetimemediagroup on Flickr.
Tom is a lifelong learner. He is always on top of the latest industry trends and applications. Go ahead, just ask him a technical question. I dare ya.

Tom has long made San Diego his home and as a graduate of CSUSD, he immediately went to work. First as a freelancer and then as editor and production manager of Lightning Corporation, a full service production facility. Infomercials were big in that time frame along with a good share of corporate sales and marketing. There were no personal computers then but when they did enter the scene he was instrumental in starting "The T Channel," the "T" standing for technology. As time progressed more and more broadcast work was the order of the day. Commercial work consumed his attention and after two years managing production for Brubaker & Associates/San Diego Video and Film he put his skills to work for Primetime Advertising.

Joe Swaykos

Joe Swaykos by primetimemediagroup
Joe Swaykos, a photo by primetimemediagroup on Flickr.
Joe is a child of the technology generation. Though he has vague memories of his parent’s record players and cassette decks, the “immediate gratification” of today’s world is where he feels most comfortable. Facebook, Twitter, you name it – Joe has been involved with them since their inception and has a firm grasp on the power of social media and the effects it has on all of our lives. Joe studied Communications at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, to pursue his love of marketing/public relations as well as the written word. “Why?” is the question he finds most fascinating, much more so than the “who, what, when, or where?” Along with an ear for creativity, Joe is behind all of the audio production at PTMG – sound effects, music tracks, and masterful audio editing WILL get your spot noticed on the air. Joe has lived in San Diego since 2005 and has been with PTMG since 2006. When he’s not busy raising two kids at home, you can find him (working in the audio booth,) that’s code for on the golf course

Nicole Tieber

Nicole Tieber by primetimemediagroup
Nicole Tieber, a photo by primetimemediagroup on Flickr.
Nicole leads the agency’s media department with research, planning, budgeting, buying and placement. A graduate of SDSU with a B.S. in Business Administration, Nicole has more than 10 years of marketing experience.

She is the heart of PTMG’s media buying department. Nicole has a thorough background in media planning/buying, multiplatform media sales & a proven track record in establishing successful marketing campaigns. Obsessed with getting "The Best Buy" for every dollar spent... the rewards to our clients are obvious.

Rod Hunter

Rod Hunter by primetimemediagroup
Rod Hunter, a photo by primetimemediagroup on Flickr.
Rod Hunter was a #1 rated morning radio personality in Akron, Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, and San Diego. With that popularity came many local, regional, and national spokesman roles for TV: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Winnebago, Yamaha, NFL, HBO, and Showtime. The logical next step in his career was to take all the advertising experience gained over the years and bring it to businesses nationwide. PrimeTime Ad Corp was formed in 1982 with complete in-house audio and video production facilities. Rod was asked what is paramount for business success. I believe in the four C’s of advertising: CONSISTENCY. Advertise continuously. Never stop the flow. CONTINUITY. Some things in your ad must never change. COST EFFECTIVE DOMINATION. With today’s media pricing, it’s cost prohibitive to dominate the entire market, but with the proper planning and placement, you can own a segment of it. CREATIVITY. What’s creative works, what works is creative. The 4 C’s of advertising may seem very basic, but when used properly they can be deadly to the competition. It’s time to put a 43-year marketing veteran to work for you.